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Interior Design Flooring offer a wide range of of quality floor coverings and accessories for both commercial and residential applications from the industry’s leading manufacturers.
Our integrity, commitment, and experience comes through in our Vendor Partners. We supply a variety of flooring solutions for our clients

Area Rugs

Interior Design Flooring Select area rugs are the premium choice rug when it comes to design, color and value. In addition to their beauty and durability, Shaw Select area rugs are made from superior materials, blending the right colors, textures and patterns to express your personal style.

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Interior Design Flooring carpets are designed to fit virtually every purpose, decorating style and budget. Searching for a classic plush frieze? Looking for a luxuriously smooth Saxony? Seeking the sophistication of intricate patterns? Shaw carpeting offers thousands upon thousands of colors, styles and textures that will be the perfect flooring for your home.

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Hardwood floors originated in Europe during medieval times as a type of flooring useful for multi-story buildings. It typically consisted of two-foot wide planks of oak or elm. Later, wealthy Europeans began installing fine wood flooring. Parquet-style wood flooring became immensely popular, but its price was prohibitive to most of the middle class. Since North America had more available timber, hardwood floors were offered at a much fairer price and became equally as popular there. Un-sanded, unfinished pine planks became common in homes and businesses of the Colonial era.

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Tile / Stone

Tile, whether made of natural stone, glass or ceramic, has been continuously transformed over recent decades. Once a material relegated to the kitchen or bathroom, the design potential for your entire house, indoor and out, has never been so great. Whether you are trying to evoke elegance and luxury, the rustic and natural, the contemporary and minimalist, or the eclectic and artistic, tile and stone has the capability to articulate your vision. The traditional constraints are a thing of the past: tile can be warm, it can look soft, it can be quieter, it can be safer to walk on, it’s eco-conscious, and can be more cost-effective than other floor coverings.

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Our laminated flooring is actually highly adaptable, in which the design and decor can be customized to suit anyone's aesthetic tastes. It is a great product for the more adventurous who prefer do-it-yourself installations, making it perfect for anyone who wants to renovate both their homes and their lives.

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Resilient / Vinyl

Your flooring choice needs to reflect your lifestyle and your budget. If any of the following words conjure up visions of your home — wet dogs, muddy footprints, teetering toddlers, sippy cups, grape juice, spring gardening, volcanic science projects, skateboards or roller blades — you are in the right floor space. Resilient vinyl flooring is a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms because it’s easy to keep clean. It’s durable, water resistant and it doesn’t fade, stain, or dent.

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Interior Design Flooring Inc. provide our consumers with a high end, manufacturer direct, stocked product that is virtually maintenance free. By working with us, you recieve a high quality product at a great low price! We are here to help you succeed-because your success is our success!
Our kitchen cabinets have many features in both design and construction All wood construction Plywood sides,tops,bottoms, and shelves Our hand rubbed finish offers a high end look at affordable price points Full extension drawers European style concealed, adjustable hings Assortment offers a wide variety of design option


Interior Design Flooring Inc. works both commercially and residentially, with homeowners, contractors, cabinetmakers, designers and etc.
Let us show you how the installation of granite countertops can enhance the look and value of your home, both now and for years to come.